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Architectural Design Project | Wabi, Sabi Boutique Hotel - Livingroom

Ostuni, Italy


Personal Architectural design and Architectural visualization project, Wabi, Sabi Boutique Hotel

My client, who has land in the region, contacted me in December and stated that he has a project that he plans to open in 2024. He wanted to stay true to the Mediterranean culture experienced in Italy. Since I was born in Turkey, I understood him very well and conveyed to him that we can do great things. This mutual excitement and cooperation led us to a pleasant business process. Since this is an architectural design and architectural visualization project, I prepared a design board for it. He liked my ideas and the design board I prepared for him, and we started with a few minor revisions. It's been one of the greatest things I've ever done professionally, and I've had an incredible amount of fun doing it. I present the designs of this hotel, which will consist of 2 sections in total, to your liking.


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